Hitcher’s Voice III: The First Ride

The first ride was the shortest. A few-five hundred yards maybe. Guy was getting off at the next stop, which was that close.  But after Donkey Konging my way across the Turnpike, I wasn’t about to pass it up. The car windows were tinted all the way black.  A disco ball hung from his mirror. …


Seminal Movie Club

First of all, what does “seminal” even mean?  It’s one of those words I love to bandy about, whose meaning I intuitively grasp, yet whose literal definition…? Well, escapes me.  If pressed I’d say it meant ‘something important that changed things or made you recall things that were important to/for you.’  But if I were…


Web Series: The Perfect Snack

The future of television is on the web.  Right?  I mean, I’m not saying anything that anybody else — hordes of anybody elses — haven’t already said.  But I just finished watching an episode (webisode), and crikey! It’s damn exciting stuff. And not just this particular show I just watched — although the show does…


The Mind Palace…

Great subject heading, The Mind Palace.  Great title.  Great name for a website/blog.  Which, as the saying goes, is what it is.  And if you click on the(ir) link at the end, you’ll find that it’s also, in one man’s opinion, a Great review. Now allow me to blather a moment, yes?  Great. Everyone likes…


Hitcher’s Voice II: Spot On

I’m standing against the barricade of the fast lane of the New Jersey Turnpike, holding a sign that says “Chicago,” and pretty sure that I’m about to die. It seems our nation’s turnpikes weren’t designed with the casual walker in mind.  Not that I was that, casual I mean.  Nor a walker for that matter….


Mo Willems’ Pigeon

Mo Willems’ Pigeon, such a simple, clean design. Yet so full of personality. Anyone who doesn’t know the books, have a different opinion? Btw, if you’re around the way, near the borough of Brooklyn Saturday, head to Bergen St Comics and meet the maestro himself. http://bergenstreetcomics.com/new-releases/big-weekend-toon-books-and-mo-willems/


Hitcher’s Voice

“Dylan did it, Kerouak did it, now I’m gonna do it!” It had become a mantra of mine at the time. And as soon as I hung up the phone that day, I knew it was time to let the mantra flag fly. So I ripped off the top off a cardboard box, wrote Chicago…