Ipso Facto

Ipso Facto

An ongoing comic book series; a story of father and son, brother versus brother, true love, the real reality, and the greatest secret never told.
He was just another lovestruck Colorado kid, or so he always told himself. Then he woke up one day and found out his whole world was a lie — that he wasn’t even from this world. The next day he found out the world was going to end – unless he could remember who he really was.

But he didn’t care about saving the world. All he wanted to save was her.

Now, on the run, the most powerful forces on Earth bearing down on him, those not of Earth seeking to control him, he fights with the only thing he has left: his own freewill.

Jason Badower - illustrator/letterer

Jason Badower graduated from the University of Melbourne with a degree in Psychology and  then Holmesglen TAFE with a diploma of Multimedia Design. Jason worked as a lecturer in multimedia design and illustration before hitting the U.S. scene with a splash.

Over four seasons of NBC’s HEROES, Jason became the fans and writers’ favorite artist. This led to work for HBO drawing the first TRUE BLOOD comic as well as personal commissions for Alan Ball. CASTLE, ABC’s dark detective comedy, commissioned Jason to draw a graphic novel as well as do artwork for the show itself (season two, episode six). He then did work for the movies GI JOE: RISE OF COBRA, SPLICE, GREEN LANTERN & KUNG FU PANDA 2. He recently finished a motion graphic novel sequence for DON’T TRUST THE B*TCH IN APARTMENT 23 (season 1, episode 7).

Annete Kwok - colorist

Sydney-based colorist, attained her degree in Industrial Design from the University of Technology, Sydney. Storytelling and her love of art led Annette to pursue a career in coloring comic books. In 2003, Annette began her career by working for Australian publisher Phosphorescent Comics on flagship titles The Watch and Witch King, and has since worked for various US publishers including Marvel and Top Cow. NBC’s Heroes graphic novels, Witchblade, New Avengers/Transformers, and Zero-G are a few of the works Annette helped bring to life.

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